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Family Vacations Halkidiki




Family Vacations

With 100km total length of beach Sithonia Khalkidhiki has the better beaches in Chalkidiki. Here the difference is that most of them are not organized, thus you are tied up with the landscape and feeling the scenery. Their turquoise waters refreshing you the hot days of summertime and sand predispose you for beach games. The children will be satisfied, because they will play with the sand and the sea. The golden sand is full of shells, that you can gather for a memento decor. There are innumerable beaches in the fjords of Chalkidiki, many of them are unknown in the most of people. If you are an exploration lover you can discover them, as you walking through the forests; they will revealed to you. Your own unique beach waits there for you.

We will tell you for your family vacations in Halkidiki, the easy and near to Agrili Resort ones that you can visit in short time. Near to us in a distance 150m is the Elia beach with amazing sand and aquamarine waters and certain not organized in order to enjoy, as long as better you can. Spathies, is a green little bay with sandy beach. Lagomandra has more people but is one of the good beaches and finally the St. Ioannis.