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In Halkidiki Agrili Resort we have a large well-tended garden-park which extent in 4500m². The area is surrounding with pines, palm trees, flowers and flower beds creating a natural environment which you can enjoy with your family at your Halkidiki holidays.

The essence of the sea breeze, from Khalkidhiki Toroneos gulf, mixing with the scent of the flowers and trees and refreshing you while relaxing you and all the scenery positive energy passing thought your body. Enjoy a stroll in the Garden- Park with your spouse and let your children play around safely. The kids will find the freedom to play in the grass and will be exhausted (not bad for you for your vacation in greece).

When you would like to rest during the stroll, there are under the trees a lot of resting points and you can relax to them, or enjoy a chilled drink.

Our swimming pool have made with marvelous tesserae giving you the luxury that you expect. Except using it for swimming you can enjoy the sun on the saiz longs, surrounding the pool by side, or under the umbrellas for sun protection enjoying soft drinks, cappuccinos, fredos or beverages ,reading till night comes. By the pool it is a snack bar with tables to sit with your family and view Toroneos gulf at night and the clear Halkidiki sky.

At Noon or Afternoon when your friends or family want, you can use the barbeque, which is build, in a wooden kiosk with tables in the center. You can have your dinner there and enjoy it with your family or your friends.